i've been making handplanes for a few years and always took them on surftrips with me to have thank you gifts for nice people i would meet in line ups and around the spots.
they are easy to make and fun to surf, especially if you have flippers on your feet!
they can be made out of any piece of wood and i encourage you to use your old skateboard, the drawer front of that ugly dresser you bought in the 80s or that bleached plank you found on the beach.
bottoms are preferably concave and don't make them to big - you still want to swim with them and they don't need to float you like a surfboard does.
the handhole design to hold on to your plane you find all over the www is simple and works. (especially on nicely painted wallhangers) i do prefer a strap and i think it handles much better when surfing.
if you are too lazy to make your own plane you can get a finished one from me.
if you are semi-lazy you can get a plane shaping kit where the boring work has been done and you can start straight away with the creative shaping process...

my handplanes are made from paulownia offcuts + darker wood offcuts from boat building projects and finished with linseed oil. price for handplanes is 35€+shipping

handplane shaping kits include a pre-cut paulownia blank, a sanding block with different grades of abrasives, spare abrasive paper, a hand strap with a fastening buckle and linseed oil to finish and seal the wood. price for the kits is 35€+shipping

every now and then i hold daylong handplane shaping sessions in different locations. get in touch if you want to host one.

contact: paulitspaul@gmx.net
facebook: arbo wooden surfboards

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

different models

IMG_2257  IMG_2259  IMG_2247  IMG_2249  IMG_2253 IMG_2255
models: #c - #a - #c’ - #b - #b - #d

handplane kits

d-i-y handplane making kit. includes:

- paulownia handplane blank
- hand strap with fastening buckle
- sanding block with different grade abrasives
- spare sanding paper
- linseed oil


IMG_2336 IMG_2332